GEO BON: Global Conference: Monitoring Biodiversity for Action, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, October 2023

Valérie Langlois and collaborators (Hydro-Québec and MELCCFP) participate to a discussion panel! 

Panel Title: Genomic Translation: Adoption and Use of Genomic Tools and Technologies to Monitor Biodiversity (PANEL)

Speakers: Jennifer Sunday (Assistant professor, Department of Biology, McGill University), Claude Robert (Full Professor, Université Laval), Joëlle Taillon (General Director of Wildlife and Habitat Management, MELCCFP) and Valérie Langlois (Full Professor, INRS Centre Eau Terre Environnement).  

In this panel, researchers and end users from several research projects  presented how they worked together to define and implement genomics tools into biodiversity monitoring strategies, ingredients of success the challenges faced and opportunities looking forward. Our co-leader Dr. Langlois, talked about the development of the very first national standards on eDNA detection and the built of eDNA kits for the detection of 100 species in the iTrackDNA project. Jean -Christophe Guay, Environmental advisor at Hydro-Québec, is one of the end users for this project.

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