Project Leaders

Caren Helbing

Project Shared Leader, University of Victoria

Valérie Langlois

Project Shared Co-Leader, INRS

Jérôme Dupras

Project Co-Leader & GE3LS Leader, Université du Québec en Outaouais

Louis Bernatchez - 1960 - 2023

Project Co-Leader, Université Laval 

Jacob Imbery

Western Coordinator

Julie Couillard

Eastern Coordinator

End-User Advisory Board Co-Chairs

Aron Weir

Co-investigator & End-User, Bureau Veritas Laboratories

Doug Bright

Co-investigator & End-User, Hemmera

Collaborative Ecosystem

iTrackDNA is rooted in a Collaborative Ecosystem for which several scientists, managers, and students are part of.

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